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【ZS723】 All In One Solar Street Light



Integrated mold for municipal project Integrated die - cast aluminum lamp body, UV - resistant surface, corrosion - resistant A class lithium battery, with ceramic protection plate, high safety Integrated module lens design, high light transmission, flame retardant, good thermal stability Engineering specialized lamp beads, high light efficiency, light decay It can be installed 6-10 meters high Engineering fast charge system + light control + time control + remote control

Product number:ZS723

Category: Solar Street Light






  • Product Description
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      Full charging can keep working for more than 24 hours once

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      Solar Panel

      4-6 hours effective illumination can be full charged

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      Applicable height

      Commonly install at 6-10 meters high

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      Installation Method

      Nail wall installation+stud installation


    ZEALSUN team always keep strict attitude towards products

    ZEALSUN people are always strict to the product quality. From each model of raw materials to the well-done products, every lamp has a strict quality inspection process. As time flies, the products performances also improve constantly. We keep humble and active attitudes on the collection of user’s suggestions. We keep studying and make breakthroughs in the technic. We keep providing reasonable transport methods for customers. We keep gradually sublimate the product image. We pursuit better products, more perfect service to return users.

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    • Accessories


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      Technical parameter

      1.Model: ZS723-100,ZS723-200,ZS723-300
      2. Color temperature: 6500K
      3. Lithium battery: 3.2V/50000MA,60000MA,80000MA
      4. Photovoltaic panels: polysilicon 6V/60W,80W,100W
      5. Lamp size: 887*400*280MM,1155*400*280MM,1435*400*280MM
      6. SMD lamp beads: 3030 lamp beads, 180PCS, 240PCS, 300PCS
      7. Material: die-cast aluminum+ Optical Lens Mask
      8. Protection level: IP65
      9. Function control: intelligent light control + radar sensor + lightning fast charging
      10. Lighting time>24H

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      Practical application

      【ZS723】series solar integrated street light has high matching with municipal road projects . With huge solar panel and high capacity lithium battery reserve space, the whole lamp reaches IP65 waterproof grade and C4H marine grade anti-corrosion. Independently designed with lithium battery backpack is convenient for large replacement, reasonably prolong the service life of the whole light. It also has the characteristics of easy installation and can be installed 6-10 meters high. Special radar sensor and three dimming functions apply for the municipal roads, private estates, city parks, squares, large docks and other environmental lighting programs of high quality.

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