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【ZS513】 Solar Emergency Light



Multifunctional tool lamp ABS engineering plastic lamp body, flame retardant and corrosion resistant Integrated body, easy to carry 4 gear dimming, warm light+white light+neutral light+red and blue flash Support solar panel and 220V mains power input Including USB output and emergency charging for mobile phone

Product number:ZS513






  • Product Description
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      Solar charging+Charge at 220V

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      Solar Panel

      4-6 hours effective illumination can be full charged

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      Lighting ime

      Combined use longer than 8 hours

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      How to use it

      Portable lighting is used


    ZEALSUN team always keep strict attitude towards products

    ZEALSUN people are always strict to the product quality. From each model of raw materials to the well-done products, every lamp has a strict quality inspection process. As time flies, the products performances also improve constantly. We keep humble and active attitudes on the collection of user’s suggestions. We keep studying and make breakthroughs in the technic. We keep providing reasonable transport methods for customers. We keep gradually sublimate the product image. We pursuit better products, more perfect service to return users.

    • Outer case


    • Inner box


    • Accessories


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      Technical parameter

      1.Model: ZS513-80,ZS513-120
      2. Color temperature: 6500K
      3. Lithium battery: 3.7V/11000MA,12000MA
      4. Photovoltaic panels: polysilicon 6V/3W; size: 169*134MM
      5. Lamp size: 23.3*5.5*18.5MM
      6. SMD lamp beads: 5730 lamp beads, 348PCS,210PCS
      7. Material: ABS engineering plastics
      8. Function control: intelligent intelligent light control + USB power bank function + two-pole dimming + emergency warning flashing
      9. Lighting time>8H

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      Practical application

      【ZS513】 The solar multifunctional tool lamp is one of our most popular products. With red and blue light flash warning function, USB mobile phone emergency charging function, while supporting solar panels and 220v mains charging. In addition, it also supports free switching of cold light, neutral light and warm light. Because of its smaller size and functions, it is popular with outdoor enthusiasts such as outdoor camping, hiking and mountaineering, field fishing, and is also a high-quality choice of emergency lighting for buildings, mines, tunnels, farms and so on

    • Solar Emergency Light

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